Welcome to my blog! Here you will see my creative take on life! Whether it be weddings or families, commercial work or personal art, I love to push my boundaries, capture emotion, and infuse natural heavenly light into my photography as much as possible. Photography is one of my loves. I hope, (whether you are a first time visitor or one who visits often), you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to look through my photography and appreciate your support!

I loved meeting and working with this beautiful new family.  Little baby girl is so beautiful and happy!  I love the natural feel of a nursery baby session.  The love is palpable.  I especially love the very last photo where baby stares at mom and dad.  So beautiful. Here are some of my favorites.

JCBellaRosa-1ONB JCBellaRosa-2ONB JCBellaRosa-3ONB JCBellaRosa-4ONB JCBellaRosa-5ONB JCBellaRosa-6ONB JCBellaRosa-7ONB JCBellaRosa-8ONB JCBellaRosa-9ONB JCBellaRosa-10ONB

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Happy Easter!

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Have a beautiful and blessed day!  To those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!!


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I photograph weddings quite a bit, however, I rarely post them to the blog anymore because it takes so much time to do so and I have very little of that these days (with three little ones!).  Emily and Roberson had an amazing wedding full of love and laughter. Roberson’s mother was able to make it in from Brazil at the last moment making the day even more special!  I had captured her sister’s wedding last year and it was so much fun to come back and work with such a wonderful and beautiful family again!  This post is LONG, but I had such a hard time choosing photographs- too many good ones!  Here are just a handful of favorites (and I am sorry not so much from the reception and family, I just could not decide!)  I may make a second post of all the adorable family and reception shots I got, but for now here is what I have chosen.  For those interested in any details, they are here :

  1. Dress: David’s Bridal
  2. Cake: Take’s the Cake
  3. Caterer: Alma Garrison/Westin Hotel
  4. Coordinator: Jean You
  5. DJ: Glen Red
  6. Live Band: Cissa Paz 
  7. Florist: Sharen Cosby
  8. Ceremony: All Saints Church
  9. Reception: Westin

JCBellaRosaWed-1 JCBellaRosaWed-2 JCBellaRosaWed-3 JCBellaRosaWed-4 JCBellaRosaWed-5 JCBellaRosaWed-6 JCBellaRosaWed-7 JCBellaRosaWed-8 JCBellaRosaWed-9 JCBellaRosaWed-10 JCBellaRosaWed-11 JCBellaRosaWed-12 JCBellaRosaWed-13 JCBellaRosaWed-14 JCBellaRosaWed-15 JCBellaRosaWed-16 JCBellaRosaWed-17 JCBellaRosaWed-18 JCBellaRosaWed-19 JCBellaRosaWed-20 JCBellaRosaWed-21 JCBellaRosaWed-22 JCBellaRosaWed-23 JCBellaRosaWed-24 JCBellaRosaWed-25

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This mission is beautiful!  I had forgotten we had visited it about 2 years ago!  It was so fun to put this collage together to go with my other mission photograph collages.  I truly enjoy the old raw feeling of the missions.  It is amazing how similar yet unique each one is.  I had three little ones with me while photographing this mission so it is not as detailed as I would have liked, however I think what I do have here is a beautiful representation of the San Fernando Mission.  If you have not visited and can, do, it is a beautiful location…not to mention I have photographed a few weddings here (as well as at the San Juan Capistrano Mission, another gorgeous location!).


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Here is the last of the three missions we visited.  This is the San Luis Obispo de Tolsa Mission.  This one felt relatively modern compared to the San Miguel mission, however, we really enjoyed going through the museum which had so many old artifacts.  I especially loved the old christening gown on display, it was simple yet beautiful. I also loved the example of a room with the light streaming in the back window- so gorgeous!  The plants and flowers were beautiful as well.  The cherry blossom trees were rich in color and the cactus and green succulents were huge!  This was especially fun for my daughter. She wrote her mission report on Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolsa and built a mission model (with a few friends) based upon their report.  I think they did an excellent job and I just may post a picture of their model next.  Here is Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolsa… (now, my next goal is to stop, visit, and capture the missions we missed going north…can’t wait!)


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